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What Are Your Locations?

Our Locations are Pompano Beach, FL and Savannah, GA. We also ship
worldwide with a few exceptions.

What Are Gaskets?

A gasket seals the gap between two surfaces

What Is The Right Material To Use For Gaskets?

There are many different gasket materials. The gasket material would typically be
recommended by the manufacturer or the material can be determined by what
will be in contact with the material and pressure.

How Thick Should A Gasket Be?

Most gaskets are made from 1/16” and ⅛” thick gasket material, but that would
be determined by the manufacturer or by the designer of that system.

What Are The Different Types Of Gaskets?

The most common gasket types are: Ring, Full Face, Envelope, Flat Metal, Spiral
Wound, Kammprofile, and Corrugated Metal

What Do I Need To Provide For A Custom Gaskets Quote?

This would depend on the type of gasket needed – most common gaskets are
round and this is what would need to be supplied to make a gasket: ID (Internal
Diameter), OD (outer Diameter), BCD(bolt circle diameter), and # of bolt holes,
diameter of bolt holes

What Type Of Machine Are You Using For Your Gasket Cutting?

An Atom Knife Cutter

What Custom Parts Are You Able To Design?

We can load most drawings into our knife cutter, so almost anything that fits on
the table (8’x 4’) can be cut. We can trace and make a cad drawing of most
gaskets for a drawing charge.

What Type Of Fittings Can I Purchase?

Any type of fitting – if we do not have it in stock, we’ll go ahead and find it.
We stock Stainless Steel, Bronze, Cuni, standard and metric

What Are Fittings Used For?

Fittings are used in pipe systems to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose
adapters. Can be used to connect different sizes and shapes together.

Can You Design Custom Fittings?

Yes! Most custom fittings we can quote to make.

What Type of Valves Can I Purchase?

If we do not have the valve in stock that you are looking for we will procure the
valves needed – any size and any material. Some common stocked valves:
Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Ball, Check, and Fire.

How Fast Can I Get A Valve?

If in stock, the same day – otherwise it would depend on the size and the type of
valve it is. Once found, it can be quoted.

Do You Sell Products Just To The Marine Industry?

No, we currently sell to all industries.

What Kind Other Services Do You Have To Offer?

We work along with a marine fabrication company that has certified welders and
a marine plumbing shop.

What Is The Lead Time On Your Products?

In-stock products we can typically ship the same day that it is ordered. Products
that would be out of stock, would depend on availability and can be quoted.

I Need A Custom Part, What Is The Lead Time?

It would all depend on the type of part and the quantity of parts needed that
would have to be quoted.

Where Can You Ship to?

Anywhere in the continental United States. We can also deliver to any freight
forwarder for international shipping.


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